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Sheet metal solution according to customer requirements

In our three technology centers of the BVS Group we realize individual solutions made of sheet metal. We manufacture the ideal sheet metal solution according to customer requirements, geared to the specific needs of a wide range of industries. Our consultants analyze product and design data and coordinate economical production on our high-tech machines with our industrial customers.

The BVS Blechtechnik is the parent company of the BVS Group. In Böblingen, around 170 experienced employees have been manufacturing housings or components for industrial devices and applications for over 30 years. The young team at BVS Systemtechnik in Schwerin manufactures customer-specific sheet metal products very flexibly on networked CNC systems. In the Chinese joint venture BVS Chenghua in Jinan, we produce high volumes to European standards. Our extensive sheet metal processing stands for outstanding quality of sheet metal products and finished products.

Punching / Laser cutting

We offer high-precision punching and laser cutting of metal and sheet metal parts for your individual requirements. Our modern machines and experienced employees guarantee the highest quality and short delivery times.


As a service provider, we offer high-quality riveting services tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We rely on modern technologies and expertise to deliver efficient and precise riveting solutions.


Bending is a process in which the material is bent on a press. As a service provider, we offer precise bending of sheet metal and other materials according to individual customer requirements.

Surface treatment

In surface treatment, we offer our customers the finishing of workpieces by coating, cleaning or blasting. Our experience and technical equipment enable us to meet even complex requirements and deliver the highest quality.


As a welding service provider, we offer professional welding services for various materials and applications. We use the latest technologies and have an experienced team of qualified welders.


For extensive tasks our project support of the terminal equipment assembly is available. From the drawing to the installation of the electronics provided, we coordinate the ideal complete solution in close contact with the customer.

Your reliable partner for holistic solutions!

Sheet metal solutions for every branch of industry

In conjunction with you we coordinate design data, materials, production, assembly and delivery of your functional sheet metal enclosure. You benefit from our flexible and efficient production of cross-sector solutions. We draw on many years of experience in electrical industry, medical technology, measurement technology, aviation, IT and machine building industry.

We look forward to the implementation of your sheet metal parts, assemblies and end devices.

Sheet metal

Thin, flat pieces of metal with a thickness of less than 6 mm are called sheets.


Sheet metal is usually made of steel, aluminum, copper or brass.


Sheet metal is used in the manufacture of various products, such as car body parts, housings for electronic devices…

BVS Group

Our sheet metal processing is tailor-made for your needs!

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